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How Does It Work?

We believe that sometimes life is too short to go to the bank, this is why Smartbucks came up with a simplified model to assist your cashflow needs at a time you need us most.

We have leveraged on an innovative way, the Smartbucks way, to unlock your much needed cashflows by using your fully paid-up car to unlock cash and guess what, you still get to drive your car!


In 3 easy steps you will unlock the cashflow you need, no fuss!

Step 1

Fill up your details online including the details of your car, make, model, mileage, year etc and indicate the amount you require. You can also upload your car pictures to help speed up the application process.

Step 2

Our friendly consultant will give you a call and book an appointment where you bring in your car and the registration papers. An assessment will be done to determine the amount you need against your car.

Step 3

If you are happy, you sign the paperwork, you get the cash you need and you still drive away with your car, same day service, it’s that simple!


Why Use Smart Bucks

  • No hidden contractual obligations: the Smartbucks way is that everything is transparent, your obligations are explained to you in clear and understandable terms, no hidden fine print!
  • No credit checks will be done, your car is your most valuable security pledge.
  • When you are happy with the deal, you will get cash the same day you bring in your car for assessment.
  • You will retain possession of your car and still drive it for an agreed rental fee, you get to choose the contractual period that you are comfortable with.
  • At the end of the agreed term, you will come and buy back your car at the original lumpsum amount that Smartbucks advanced you, its that simple!
  • We understand that your car is the key to you generating the much-needed income hence the innovation of letting you drive it! You wouldn’t want to sell your car but leverage on the fact that its fully paid up, your car will unlock the short-term cash for you.
  • Our deal rates are very competitive; we make sure that we do not give you an extra burden, all that you need is to get by through the rough patch or short term cash need.
  • Smartbucks is dependable and convenient . All your paperwork is handled in the utmost confidential way. We pride ourselves in the professional way we deal with you our valued customer. It explains why we always have repeat and loyal customers.

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